“Development of Local Arts and the Promotion of Cultural Exchanges Between China and Cameroon”


Date: From April 27th (Wednesday) to April 28th (Thursday) of 2022 (two days)

Location: Dschang City, Cameroon


Wednesday 27th of April: Cinema Hall of the University of Dschang.

Thursday 28th of April: Yard of the Civilization Museum, Dschang city


Cultural exchanges are dialogues between minds, communications of sentiments and ties of friendship between people. Cultural exchanges between countries help to enhance the mutual understanding and promote the win-win cooperation. In human history, cultural exchanges began with the very emergence of culture. Africa is known to be the origin of Mankind, and together with China both are cradles of human civilizations with long histories and splendid cultures. Cultural exchanges between China and Africa can be traced back to a distant past, as early as the 10th century BC. According to some historical records, there were indirect civil trade and contacts between China and Africa as early as the 10th century BC. During the reign of Emperor Wudi of the Han Dynasty, when the Silk Road was opened, Egyptian pharaohs’ families, officials and nobles were proud to wear Chinese silk clothes. Egyptian acrobats also arrived in China at around 112 BC for Arts performances

From reform and opening up of the new China to the present day, China and African countries have continuously strengthened cooperation in the field of cultural exchanges. In March 1971, China and Cameroon have established diplomatic ties, thus opening a new era of diplomatic relations and cultural exchanges between the two friendly countries. Specifically, a new era of cultural exchanges between China and Cameroon was ushered in after the Ministerial Conference of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) was formally established in October 2000. At the fourth session of the FOCAC Forum in 2006, the Chinese Premier Minister Wen Jiabao clearly stated that “We should expand cultural exchanges and people-to-people ties with Africa, promote exchanges and cooperation among scholars and think-tanks, share development experience and provide intellectual support for the formulation of a better cooperation strategy.” The culmination of these relations was the visit of Chinese President Hu Jintao to Cameroon in 2007: during this visit, cooperation agreements were signed on a wide range, including telecommunications and cultural exchanges. The Cameroonian President Paul Biya stated that “China is a great friend of Cameroon, and Cameroon is a sincere friend of China.” 

At present, the cultural exchanges between China and Cameroon have reached eminent heights and can be summed up in these points: 1) Frequent high level intergovernmental visits. 2) Mutual visits of cultural and artistic groups. 3) Art exhibitions. 4) Creation of cultural institutions, such as the Confucius Institute of the University of Yaoundé II. In China, special cultural events such as “Culture Day”, “Film Weeks” and book fairs, etc. were organized. 5) Research and education, with the signing of MoUs between Chinese and Cameroonian universities, the co-organization of the 3rd China-Africa Cooperation Forum on Film and Television between the Normal University of Zhejiang (China) and the University of Yaoundé II, etc. 

In view of all this, the Institute of African Studies of Zhejiang Normal University (China) though its Center for African Film and TV and its African Museum, , in partnership with the University of DSCHANG though its Faculty of Letter and Human Sciences and its Institute of Fine Arts of Fouban, are co-organizing an International Conference on the Development of Local Arts and the Promotion of Cultural Exchanges between China and Cameroon,  from April 27 to 28 of 2022.




The conference aims at highlighting the traditional friendship and friendly cooperation between China and Cameroon. The spirit of win-win cooperation promoted between China and Africa in general, relies heavily on cultural exchanges and mutual understanding. The recent FOCAC (Forum on China Africa Cooperation) summit in Dakar have once again drawn the blueprints for a co-development and co-prosperity of China-Africa relations in this new era. Among the major programs jointly settled by Chinese and African leaders was the “The Cultural and People-to-People Exchange Program”, aiming at strengthening the mutual understanding between the people of China and Africa through the co-development of the artistic and the cultural industries. This conference on arts development and cultural exchanges is therefore an aftermath of a global agenda of a community with shared future between the people of China and Cameroon.


The conference aims primarily to strengthen academic cooperation on subject matters involving arts developments, cultural exchanges and intercultural communication between China and Cameroon.

Besides, the study and promotion of Cameroonian languages in China and Chinese language in Cameroon is of great importance. In fact, language is the road map of a culture, it tells you where its peoples come and where they go. Communication is at the heart of all human contacts, and language is the basic tool for human communication and understanding. Therefore, strengthening academic cooperation on Cameroonian and Chinese languages between the University of Dschang and Zhejiang Normal University is of paramount importance.

            Moreover, as our world is getting digitalized along with the internet revolution of the century, the cinematographic arts and digital art-works are becoming essential parts of cultural exchanges in this 21st century planetary village. The Center for African Film & TV of Zhejiang Normal University have already been engaged on the path of promoting cultural exchanges through digital arts work by realizing a series of documentaries films such as , , etc. showing case of the livelihood of Africans in China and that of Chinese in Africa and so opening new windows for mutual understanding between the people of China and Africa. The present conference also aims at stretching cooperation in the field of Performing and cinematographic Art between the University of Dschang and Zhejiang Normal University, and open a digital window for the Sino-Cameroonian cultural Exchanges.


The conference aims at gathering local artists of all fields and provide them a space and context to exhibit their artistic know-how, show their talents and promote their local and cultural products to the Chinese and African markets. More specifically, the conference aims at the promotion and mediatization of local cultural industries’ products and brands in order to open up the local cultural industries to local and international markets. In this regard, the conference aims at providing an attractive platform for Chinese companies and investors of the cultural industries as well as local businesses to seek business opportunities that could create jobs and employments possibilities through the development of the local arts industries. Local and national businesses seeking to invest in youth and help develop local brands and talents are very welcome as well. In a word, this cultural event could provide the youth with the unique opportunity to share the light on their art works, artistic talents and open up their cultural products to the local, national and international markets.

V- Call for Papers

To help boost research and innovation on the development of local arts and in order to better promote the cultural exchanges between China and Cameroon, Scholars, Researchers, Artists, filmmakers and cultural promoters from all background and research perspectives, are very welcome to submit research proposals, opinion articles or paper works on the broad research area of Arts Development & Cultural Exchanges between China and Africa in general, and China-Cameroon in particular.

Specific topics include, but are not limited to:

  1. China-Cameroon Arts Development & Promotion: Challenges & Strategies
  2. China-Cameroon Museum Cooperation & Research
  3. Sino-Cameroonian Cultural Exchanges: History, Evolution & Prospects
  4. Sino-Cameroonian People-to People Communication
  5. African Studies in China and Chinese Studies in Africa
  6. Sino-Cameroonian Language Cooperation: Status quo and Expectations
  7. Cross-Cultural Communication in the context of China-Cameroon
  8. China-Africa Media portrayal or Media Representation
  9. China-Africa Film and Television Cooperation
  10. Sino-Cameroonian Performing & Cinematographic Arts Cooperation
  11. Kung-Fu Films & Chinese Martial Arts Practices in Cameroun
  12. Development of African Martial Arts Films & Actions Movies
  13. African Martial Arts and Combat Traditions in Africa

NB: Outstanding papers, articles or works will be considered for publication in our partners journals and media.

VI- Request for participation

The Conference will showcase of scholarly ideas and artworks of Chinese and African scholars, experts and artists. Therefore, are invited to this international conference: Authorities, scholars, artists, creative minds, media practitioners and independent filmmakers from China and Africa. Participants are requested to submit their speech, articles, papers or works to the following email address drtaling@gmail.com, before February 28 (2022), and the full paper or complete work should be submitted at the same address by March 10 (2022), You can also subscribe to this conference through our online platform IJAMACT (click the following link, fill and submit the participation form online  https://ijamact.com/index.php/2022/01/30/participation-form-to-the-international-conference-on-the-development-of-local-arts-and-the-promotion-of-cultural-exchanges-between-china-cameroon/meroon/ ), Please make sure you fill the form and submit before the due date of February 28 (2022).

VII- Contacts

Dr. Taling Rodrigue (Secretary General, Center for African Films and TV,

Zhejiang Normal University, China)

Whatsapp (Wechat) : +86 18867554809

Email: drtaling@gmail.com;

Nkenfack Moise (Member of the organizing committee. Dschang, Cameroon)

 Telephone: +237 659085397/ 673374936

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The Organizing Committee of the International Conference on the Development of Local Arts and the Promotion of Cultural Exchanges between China and Cameroon

January 31, 2022