It is a fact that:

African Humanities  & Arts have a long history of sociocultural development and have achieved outstanding results. Based on archaeological findings, African Humanities & Arts’ history can be traced back to at least 3100 years BC, that is to speak, at least 5100 years of palpable history. But few of them have survived to be known and disclosed to the world. In today’s African societies, there have been many outstanding Africans such as Cheick Anta Diop, etc. who have tried hard to save their traditional arts culture and humanities. Some of their hard works have paid off.

Our vision is to :

  •  Provide a platform for high-quality research on our related fields of interest
  •  Promote Knowledge searching, sharing & archiving of special topics engaged in this journal
  •  Create environment for knowledge seekers to socialized and broarder their horizons
  • Inspire new generation of thinkers, artists & humanists to dig out the past & foresee the future
  •  Revitalize  African Humanities & Martial traditions, redefine cultural identities
  • Set footprints for African Civilization to rejuvenate, modernize and globalize

…We must restore the historical consciousness of the African peoples and reconquer a Promethean consciousness…. define the image of a modern Africa reconciled with its past and preparing for its future” 

Cheikh Anta Diop, 1992.

Unless African historians dare to connect the history of Black Africa with the history of ancient Egypt, otherwise the history of black Africa will remain suspended in air. The Studies of languages, social institutions, etc. could not be handled properly; In short, it will be impossible to establish African humanities disciplines”

Cheikh Anta Diop, 1992.