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Dear Authors Artists Passionate Storytellers Independant writters

The International Journal of African Martial Arts & Combat Traditions (IJAMACT) is inviting your articles, review articles, research, case studies, conference proceeding and short communication in on all topics of within our journal scope. It includes but not limited to :


    • Culture,
    • Litterature,
    • Classics,
    • Philosophy,
    • History,
    • Anthropology, etc.

    ⇒  ARTS

    1. Martial Arts 
    •  Traditional martial arts and combat practices
    • Modern Hybrid & Mix Fighting Systems (UFC, MMA, WWE,etc.)
    • Combat Sports & Fighting Competitions
    • Self-defense and Folk wrestling 
    • Weaponized fighting styles (Dagger, spear, cuggel, Nunchaku, etc.)
    • Martial Arts Movies & Fighting scenes
    • Martial Arts in Historical Context (Epics of heroes & wars of liberation)
    • Martial events, legends and myths
    • Sipituality in Martial Arts (meditation, religions, spiritual combats, etc.)
    • Combat Rituals & fighting traditions
    • Etc.

         2. Performing Arts

    •  Music
    • Dance
    • Drama
    • Theatre
    • Opera
    • Choregraphy
    • Body-building
    • Etc. 

         3. Visual Arts

    • Filmaking
    • Photography
    • sculture
    • Architecture
    • Painting
    • Video games
    • Etc.

        4. Literary Arts

    • Fiction
    • Comics
    • Storytelling
    • Poetry
    • Prose
    • Tragedy
    • Etc.

           5. Etc.


IJAMACT welcomes quality work that focuses on research, development and review. We are looking forward for strict compliance to the modern age standards in all these fields. Authors across the globe are welcome to submit their research papers in the specialized journal fulfilling the requisite criterion. 

Manuscript /Paper submission guideline

Submission Process:

All manuscripts should be submitted through IJAMACT ONLINE SUBMISSION FORM (click the link to fill the form and upload your manuscript in. MS word file)

Process of Publication:
a) After receiving Manuscript/ Paper, author will get a confirmation email of receiving that paper with paper id.
b) Manuscript/ Paper will be checked through plagiarism checker.
c) After that Manuscript/ Paper will be sent for double blinded peer review.
d) Based on double blinded peer review report, editor will take decision to accept or reject the paper or editor can take decision of re-submission of Manuscript/ Paper after suggested changes.
e) After this step if Manuscript/ Paper will be accepted then author will receive an acceptance letter of the corresponding paper within 7 to 10 working days.

With Regards,