ABSTRACT: China and Africa have become culturally closer as the relationship between both sides is growing in leaps and bounds. The martial arts culture can provide a new outlook to deepen the China-Africa cultural understanding as well as open a window to other cultures to better connect with Chinese and African people. In this regard, the present article put forward the African and Chinese conceptions of martial arts culture. In fact, the trinity made of “Combat+Spirituality+Dance” that constitutes core values of African Martial Arts are explored, as well as some explanatory examples such as EngoloDambeLaambDonga, Zulu Stick Fighting etc., still practiced in Africa today and that show cases of the uniqueness of the African martial arts culture. Moreover, the Chinese concept of Wushu which has its own unique core philosophy rooted in Taoism, Confucianism and Buddhism is introduced.


KEY WORDSAfrican Martial Arts, Chinese Wushu, Cultural Understanding, Martial arts culture

Author: Taling Tene Rodrigue, Zhejiang Normal University, China.

Date of Publication: 5th January 2022

Ijamact ID: IJM11001016

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