JEET KUNE DO (JKD) is a vision of combat and life. It is born from the desire of wanting to break with pre-established principles and patterns to achieve the essential. The basic concept of this philosophy is that of interception: feel then, act as, there and when necessary. It is therefore, as for a dancer, to develop specific physical, mental and technical skills in order to “dance the right way” with his “partner” in combat.

The frequency of work, perpetual self-criticism and the search for efficiency in the execution of each gesture constitutes the essence of this martial path. Therefore, this document is just a reminder, specifically designed to draw the attention of JKD practitioners, it includes some fundamental elements proper to the understanding of combat according to Bruce Lee. It is the first of a series of two (2) collections, the second of which will deal with our vision of training. The illustrations and techniques presented in this book come from some electronic and visual media all dealing with JUN FAN KICK BOXING, integral part of Bruce Lee’s JKD program.

Our thanks go especially to our SIGUNG ITAMOUNA Pierre and our SIFU TALING TENE Rodrigue, for their encouragement in implementing in the form of this book.

Good training everyone!

Sifu Cluzel AMOUO

PhoenixJKD Club, CMR.

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