ABSTRACT: Chinese Film and TV works are among the earliest Chinese cultural products that crossed China’s borders and spread all over the world. Among others, Chinese Kung-Fu movies found their ways on Africans screens since the 1970’s and left African audiences with deep impressions, giving rise to generations of “Kung-Fu dreamers”. Determined to make their dream become a reality, some of them set for a long journey of adventure and discovery across China. In the process, they have no choice but to readjust their cognition of the Chinese Culture and reframe their reveries. The Cameroonian DOMINIQUE M. SAATENANG, first African shaolin monk, ambassador of the shaolin temple to the world also known as the African Bruce Lee, the Gabonese Kung-Fu star LUC BENZA as well as the present article’s author TALING TENE RODRIGUE are outstanding examples brought about in the following lines. Their interviews and the narratives of their life experiences from Africa to China provide solid arguments to support our work. The present article suggests that, the content of Chinese Kung-Fu movies on African screens while preserving those mind-boggling fighting scenes, should not be too idealistic and fictitious so as not to overturn the ensuing “Kung-Fu Dreams” and deceive “Real-Fighting Pursuers”. Furthermore, the concept of “Sino-African Kung-Fu Movies” proposed in this article is an adequate solution to content African Kung-Fu Dreamers as it takes into consideration both the Chinese and African realities and fit them into the big screen of ideas and perceptions. So, can be more practical and innovative in implementing the China-Africa Film and TV Cooperation.

KEY WORDS:African Kung-Fu Dreamers, Sino-African Kung-Fu Movies, Dominique Saatenang, Luc Benza, Taling Tene Rodrigue

Date of Publication: 5th March, 2022

Ijamact ID: IJM12070086