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CALL FOR PAPER for the International Conference on The Development of Local Arts and The Promotion of Cultural Exchanges Between China and Cameroon


Call for Papers

To help boost research and innovation on the development of local arts and in order to better promote the cultural exchanges between China and Cameroon, Scholars, Researchers, Artists, filmmakers and cultural promoters from all background and research perspectives, are very welcome to submit research proposals, opinion articles or paper works on the broad research area of Arts Development & Cultural Exchanges between China and Africa in general, and China-Cameroon in particular.

Specific topics include, but are not limited to:

  1. China-Cameroon Arts Development & Promotion: Challenges & Strategies
  2. China-Cameroon Museum Cooperation & Research
  3. Sino-Cameroonian Cultural Exchanges: History, Evolution & Prospects
  4. Sino-Cameroonian People-to People Communication
  5. African Studies in China and Chinese Studies in Africa
  6. Sino-Cameroonian Language Cooperation: Status quo and Expectations
  7. Cross-Cultural Communication in the context of China-Cameroon
  8. China-Africa Media portrayal or Media Representation
  9. China-Africa Film and Television Cooperation
  10. Sino-Cameroonian Performing & Cinematographic Arts Cooperation
  11. Kung-Fu Films & Chinese Martial Arts Practices in Cameroun
  12. Development of African Martial Arts Films & Actions Movies
  13. African Martial Arts and Combat Traditions in Africa

NB: Outstanding papers, articles or works will be considered for publication in our partners journals and media.

Request for participation

The Conference will showcase of scholarly ideas and artworks of Chinese and African scholars, experts and artists. Therefore, are invited to this international conference: Authorities, scholars, artists, creative minds, media practitioners and independent filmmakers from China and Africa. Participants are requested to submit their speech, articles, papers or works to the following email address, before February 28 (2022), and the full paper or complete work should be submitted at the same address by March 10 (2022), You can also subscribe to this conference through our online platform IJAMACT (click the following link, fill and submit the participation form online ), Please make sure you fill the form and submit before the due date of February 28 (2022).


The Organizing Committee of the International Conference on the Development of Local Arts and the Promotion of Cultural Exchanges between China and Cameroon. January 31, 2022